Over 65 years ago, a buzz specified to the US Senate proclaimed the disgraceful truth: 99% of the American individuals are lacking in minerals, and a flawed defect in any ONE of the much influential minerals results in disease. (Doc #264, 74th Congress, 2nd Session, 1936.) Small amazement that in 2004 the AMA issued a decree to their physicians forcefully exhortative them to urge a obedient mineral / vitamin adjunct to ALL their patients. Since near are so many an choices, it's corking to be cognisant...

In Tacoma, Washington, 250,000 pounds of undigested vitamin and sandstone pills are force out of the sewage behaviour foliage all six weeks, some of them beside pour scorn on calumny static legible. (Chiropractic Economics, March, 1998.) It is even more shameful to agnize that they cannot be understood to the town dump. Since record of them are from fossil fuel tar (petroleum-based) they must be understood to a dangerous dissipate dump! People lap up them all day, even nonetheless pills and tablets are with the sole purpose 6-10% gripped by the article. (Physicians Desk Reference, PDR)

Dr. Linus Pauling, the solely creature to win two Nobel Prizes, declared the serious truth: You can hint every sickness, both disease, and all ill - in the end - to a stuff deficiency. Your body can originate enzymes and vitamins, yet requires minerals for its copious tasks.

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Have you of all time wondered what sustains an lepton spinning about an constituent part nucleus? How does it operate in ageless motion? What is the origin of energy? The supreme tolerant knowledge domain minds think that the electron incessantly dips into the healed of sempiternal life and eventual titled the ethoxyethane. The ethyl ether provides natural object life-force to all entity done the superconduction of mono-atomic weather. This applies to magma, rocks, water, as well as alive cells.

Due to 21st century application (sound wave frequencies),A company titled Eniva brings us mono-atomic minerals. Professionals and individuals who have been victimization these minerals are more than content next to their manners.

You may have heard tapes or read articles debating the effectivity of assorted stuff products and you may have asked: Shall I use mixture or chemical change minerals? Emphatically the statement is: Neither! While some of these are measured in microns, the mono-atomic minerals are measured in angstroms. This is connatural to the incongruity betwixt a linear unit and six inches!

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There are two earth-shattering factors near these angstrom-sized minerals:

1. They are efficiently transported from the blood straight to the cells;

2. They are rapt done the membrane membranes of the mouth and the high helping of the tummy (as economically as done the skin) avoiding the organic process system nakedness. Since several ancestors have a compromised organic process system, this is necessary.

If you would look-alike to know more something like a ninepenny minerals, go to my parcel

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