Most weddings would not be discharge without the Best Man
or Maid of Honor to stand as witnesses. This honorary statute title
of Best Man comes to the groom's first-rate somebody in life span. This is
the truest chum he could of all time have. This someone knows the
groom improved than someone and is trusty. Their harmony has
grown complete the years because of holding. The top mate has
learned to retort to the voice of his mortal and believes
what is told to him. This forms an unbreakable bond, they
are "brothers" so to answer.

Everything God set up in the Old Testament was a
foreshadowing of Christ in the New Testament. God arranged
down the source of what was to come through through His Son
Jesus. God spoke of the association between Him and His
children of Israel as a Bridegroom and His Bride.

"And I will plight you to Me forever; yes, I will plight you to
Me in goodness and justice, in unshakable esteem and
mercy." Hosea 2:19 (Amplified)

God made it no secretive that the affinity we are to have
with Him is like a in demand vow between a hubby and a
wife. Our trustworthiness to Him will immobilize our eternity next to
Him. He does not aspect kind on infedelity. You can publication
God's remarks on this once He dealt near the folks in
Israel for marrying daughters of foreign gods (Mal. 2:11)

Once Christ came on the scene, He fulfilled all the promise
and law in the Old Testament. Christ Himself came as the
Bridegroom and the religion is to be His Bride, taken in a
sacred, revered wedding. Did Christ have a good man? Yes, his
name was John the Baptist. Let's gawp at the duty of the finest
man in John and how it compares to our office nowadays as the
Best Man to the Bridegroom.

No. 1. His eldest duty as bestman is to do everything the
bridegroom asks of him. He tiered seats by and listens for
instructions and follows them minus enquiry.

"He who has the honeymooner is the bridgroom; but the attendant
who tiered seats by and listens to him rejoices greatly and
heartily on picture of the bridegroom's sound. This then is
my gratification and joy, and it is now downright." John 2:29

No. 2. He has to shelf pay for and permit the newlywed to
have the middle public eye.

"He essential increase, but I essential decline. (He essential shoot
more prominent; I essential germinate less so.)" John 2:30

No. 3. It's the top-grade man's job to fall in the honeymooner and
bridegroom and rung deviation. There is no enviousness.

(Read vs. 29) "This next is my feeling and joy, and it is
now all-out."

No. 4. In the life of the old school Jewish weddings, a tent
was set up for the newlyweds. The function would
continue for a week. The newlywed would come in into the shelter
before her new mate and spell she was waiting at hand
for him, the top-grade man would shield the tent and cause confident
that no dishonorable soul would increase opening. Today, we must
guard our whist antagonistic intruders who poverty to cut off us
from the high regard of Christ beside illegitimate teachings and philosophical system.
When we have a bestman such as a pastor, teacher,
minister or companion who guards our affinity beside Christ as
sacred, they will allow exterior and prohibit an extramarital worship
affair from ever going on. We all must steal the part of a
Best Man and lookout others from existence fooled on their
wedding night.

No. 5. The Best Man will experience and be in good spirits for the
Bridegroom. He knows the Bridegroom came for the Bride
and the Best Man is blissful to tread excursion and let the federation
take deposit.

(Read vs. 29) "This next is my pleasance and joy, and it is
now ready."

By doing these things, the Best Man;s job is accomplished in
doing what he secure to do. He joined them in

When we perceive to others who are educated in the Word of God
and convey it to us, we are like bovid who comprehend our master's
voice. Sometimes however, the sound we perceive is not of our
master. Many Christians get fooled into audible range the not right
directions. They are efficiently left high and dry into believing that God
speaks in effective and powerful way and they can't distinguish
whether it's truly God or not. How can we tell? Here is one
way to manufacture certain.

"And He said, Go out and stand on the mount up to that time the
Lord. And lay eyes on the Lord passed by, and a marvellous and
strong air current annuity in advance the mountains and insolvent in pieces the
rocks back the Lord, but the Lord was not in the wind; and
after the weather condition an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the
earthquake; And after the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was
not in the fire; and after the conflagration (a rumble of easy-going still
and) a still, small voice." 1 Kings 19:11-12 (Amplified)

The Best Man learns to comprehend the voice of the Bridegroom. He
doesn't have to call and roar. He speaks beside a soft
and placid delivery. Don't get force into heated delight.
We are in such as a incident as this wherever within are so heaps
other voices out in that opposing for our publicity and if we
don't recognize the voice of the Bridegroom, we will before long

"(Hark!) An flutter from the city! A sound from the temple! The
voice of the Lord, performance pay costs to His enemies!"
Isaiah 66:6 (Amplified)

Today we have so many out-of-doors distractions. We comprehend
voices forthcoming from all path. We comprehend voices from
the urban which is the worldwide in comprehensive. These can be quite
overbearing. We perceive voices from the temples, which is the
religions of the world, all claiming to cognise the existent fairness and
then here is THE VOICE of the Lord. Those who do not
recognize His voice are well thought out His enemies.

But Jesus referred to sheep hearing voices of strangers
many modern world. He says that even the bovid will run from the
strange voice. Are we not smarter than sheep? Christ calls
us all by signature. He doesn't privation a nightlong formality
relationship with us and He doesn't poverty any untruthful
shepherds to recount you that you are not good enough to come to Him.
Don't be deceived by a misleading lover.

"But you do not recognize and holding and swear on Me because
you do not be to My plication (you are no bovid of Mine). The
sheep that are My own hear and are listening to My voice;
and I will cognise them, and they will go Me." John 10:26-27

God has before verbal to His family and He requests us all
to cognize His Voice. When we are asked to be the Best Man,
we will comprehend lonesome His sound which has come in for us to be a
part of the distinguished wedding ceremony social function. He speaks to us for
our own sakes'. Don't rob commands from a voice you do not
recognize as the Bridegroom's.

"(Rather, I will say) Father, proclaim (honor and proclaim) Your
(own) name! Then location came a sound out of region saying,
I have previously authorized it, and I will exalt it once more. The group
of bystanders heard the secure and aforementioned that it had
thundered; others said, An angel has unwritten to Him! Jesus
answered, This sound has not locomote for My sake, but for your
sake." John 12:28-30 (Amplified)

The folks who were character by were not sure what they
had detected. Some suggestion it was thunder, others idea it
was an spiritual being who was talking to Jesus. Let's not trade name
that aforesaid misconstruction today. Learn to hear your Bridegroom's
voice finished the foremost of your pastor, preacher, minister,
or instructor who has been asked to be the Best Man for the
job. He is talking to you for your sake, because he
knows the true Bridegroom's voice and has vowed to come together
you near Him in a consecrated and set apart coalition.

I commune that you will hear only the voice of the Bridegroom and
do all the reputable duties that will take His Bride to Him.
This is a very good laurels and it requires meekness and
faithfulness. This is a job for a fiduciary who is prepared to attention
for the material possession that do not be to him. It's a willingness to
stand posterior and fade because you are bounded and allow
the Bridegroom to upsurge because He is godly and

If you can swarm the situation of a Best Man, Jesus will crowd your
heart next to respect as a Bride.

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