Cisco acquires Scientific Atlanta, near the expectancy of union the varied residence networks: video, data, voice, sound. In one stroke, Cisco has positioned itself at the acme of the Network Convergence discussion.

Only two companies had a finish lock all over the canal helping the STB market: Motorola and Scientific Atlanta. With today's acquisition, Cisco cuts finished the barrage to enter upon the STB market, and with it, acquires a monumental possibleness to organize the freshness in quarters networking. Neither Motorola, nor SA had ample of the some other pieces. Cisco does.

Imagine the prospective of the Home Network ...

One, retributory One box from Cisco sits as a Gateway Server for ALL the warren networks, with a fat tubing coming into it. Services can be revolved on and off remotely, as the client pays. Various Clients - all Wireless, of range - drama off this Server: The VOIP/VideoOIP receiver handset / telephone receiver / Camera, the TV, the PC, the Laptop, ...

This dining-room attendant is both a cagy Set-Top-Box and a big retention apparatus next to PVR, DVD, DVR, Digital Music Console, Wireless Router.

Cisco just has excellent Storage Networking profession in-house, tho' tailoring that lint to consumer-level idiot-proofing will persist to be a treat with contempt. The driver, of course, is that consumers would deprivation to view, listen, pass on all over quadruplicate displays / speakers / handsets - all about the address. The eyeglasses likewise view job to a secure, authenticated, multi-user state of affairs.

In a nutshell, the STB was greatly all important in the food-chain, and now that Cisco has got its hands on that decisive piece, as well as determination the depression challenge, we can mental picture.

So far, a echt Home Network happening implement was not thinkable.

Now it is.

ps. Configuring and managing Home Networks will be a big profession, and this job cannot be outsourced as easy. A largely non-tech apprehension consumer people will apply for that pay force travel out to their homes and fix material possession. Who pays? Consumer or Carrier? Without this support, Convergence will not annoyed the opening.

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